Bus Stop Products

Help your passengers find their place efficiently

We offer a wide range of custom signage and displays to make it easier for passengers to get where they're going.

Outdoor Single Panel Information Display

COM 180 Display

Single Panel Bus Stop displays (COM 180RP) are an environmentally friendly solution to aluminum displays. The COM 180RP is made from recycled plastic and is approximately half the cost of similar aluminum models.

The unit bolts directly to u-channel or square posts, as does our standard aluminum frame. The back panel is made from heavy-duty ½” thick, solid black recycled plastic and is designed to accommodate a variety of literature sizes.

Changing the display information is easily done by removing the front-facing, tamper-resistant, stainless steel screws, and then lifting the polycarbonate lens.

The document holders are very secure and provide easy access to change display information. The unique design lessens humidity buildup so images are clear and easy to read during any type of weather, including fluctuation of temperatures.

*Can be made using aluminum.

Slim Two-Sided Post & Panel Display

Duopanel Displays

Innocom's custom-built all-steel DuoPanel combines a slim profile with a one or two-sided display for locations where a large graphic, map or information display is required. A common size is  24" x 42 1/2".

The DuoPanel doors feature an acrylic lens, locks, and weather stripping. Inside the unit are two interchangeable plastic panels which allow you to format the display material in-house and then exchange the panels on site.

Another option is to have a metal panel, not removable, where information can be displayed using magnets. The DuoPanel legs can be fabricated for either direct burial or surface mount foundation.

Custom Exterior Transit Signage Components

Metro Series

Innocom's Metro Series custom transit signage can be customized to fit with any transit system's brand.

Constructed from aluminum with a durable painted and clear coated surface, our metro signage components can stand-up to all exterior weather conditions.

The Metro Series can be constructed to be easily changeable and customized to fit the informational needs of your transit customers.